Whether you are buying or selling a home in Australia, a home inspection plays a key role in the transaction. If you are buying an existing home, you should check it for construction defects beforehand.  To ensure the safety of your home, we have outlined the most common building defects for you.

  1. broken tiles (broken tiles in second homes are very common in our inspections and even the most durable roofs can deteriorate due to the harsh outdoor weather. If the roof is not regularly repaired, leaks/cracks or sagging will come sooner.)
  2. fire protection issues (the shared walls in the house meet fire protection requirements as the building code is designed to prevent fire from spreading to the other house and to give both occupants time to escape. There are very often cases where houses are inspected that have not been built in accordance with the building code.)
  3. poor ventilation (we are generally more concerned with indoor ventilation but not outdoor ventilation, especially underneath the house. The Queenslander type of house, for example, is usually elevated. If the elevated areas are not well ventilated, this can cause structural damage such as wood rot)
  4. unfinished renovations (many homes are either DIY or handyman-done and are not built to building standards or are unfinished in certain areas, which are considered major defects in our home inspections)
  5. Wall construction (load-bearing and structural walls)
  6. wall condition (look at the wall tone of the house to determine if there are cracks, signs of mould or damp sections)

It is important to clarify these defects in order to avoid getting into conflicts. If you require, we can send a professional (registered home inspector) to carry out an inspection on site for you. We also have a building supervision service, which covers the whole process from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the property, including the content of the contract, review of the drawings, review of the price and cost of construction, time control, and the inspection of the house during the construction process.