We have a full builder’s license and over five years of experience in building homes in Australia. Our registered home inspectors will use the best equipment to carry out a full inspection of your home, including

  1. moisture problems (small differences in temperature in ceilings, bathrooms, and other areas of the house can often be caused by excess moisture in the area, moisture problems can lead to mold, leaks, and even structural damage and will be detected using specialist equipment such as infrared cameras or moisture meters)
  2. water leaks (leaking pipes in walls/roofs, poor outdoor drainage)
  3. insulation and air leaks (most homeowners or potential homeowners will also be concerned about insulation wool or air leaks in the home, these minor defects can lead to significant increases in electricity bills)
  4. pests and termite damage (most Australian homes are timber-framed and termites can be fatal to such structures, using thermal imaging helps us to detect hidden termite nests within buildings)
  5. Check the electrical appliances (the switchboard controls the power to the whole house and therefore must be in good condition to ensure the safety of the home. Make sure that all electrical appliances are connected and switched on and off, and check that all light fittings can be switched on and off. See if any appliances are missing or not in accordance with the purchase contract.)
  6. check taps (sprinkler heads for leaks and toilets for proper flush function. Check whether the hot and cold water supply is timely and accurate. It is best to let the water flow for a period of time so that you can see if there are leaks in the water pipes or if the floor drains are down in time. If the hot and cold water supply is not timely, it may not necessarily be a quality problem or the developer may have left the electric or water gate open for safety reasons.
  7. Observe various objects (including kitchen countertops, walls, wooden doors, and other objects for defects, chipping, cracks, etc.If there are any, mark them out in time for repair)

To give you a greater comfort level, inbound has experienced inspectors and top-of-the-range inspection equipment, as well as a professional report to help you get your inspection right.