CC – Once you have been notified of your DA approval, the following stage is called the CC, which is called the Construction Certificate. In simple terms, this is the stage where the relevant authorities approve the construction, structural, and drainage drawings and plans to ensure that the building is built, constructed, and structurally designed by the local building and construction codes. The building is designed and constructed (as shown on the building certificate application and drawings) following the development consent

The proposed building will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Relevant conditions of the Development Consent have been complied with, such as the provision of a bond, payment of contributions, BASIX energy efficiency and water conservation requirements, and any conditions requiring amendments to the development, the preparation, and submission of specialist details and reports, or any other matters required to be submitted with the required CC comply with several other relevant legal requirements.

Generally speaking, no conditions can be imposed on a building certificate. This means that the plans, specifications, and associated documentation must be sufficiently detailed and demonstrate compliance with the development consent and relevant provisions of the BCA and Australian Standards. Building certificates can be issued by the Council or a private sector certifier with appropriate accreditation from the NSW Government Building Professionals Council. We will have professionals on hand to manage your documentation and communicate promptly to ensure you receive your certificate in the first instance.