CDC – This refers to the fast-track application process known as the Complying Development Certificate. This process eliminates the need to submit a DA application to the Council and allows you to apply for both development and construction approval for your project through the relevant department or company. If you wish to obtain quick and easy approval, your project can be approved through a Compliant Development Certificate (CDC). This is where a private certifier issues approval for you, rather than applying to the council. Most residential and many commercial projects in NSW can be approved through the Certificate of Compliance Development, which will save you time and money. For a building project to be approved through this process, it needs to be established that the CDC is feasible in your community and also that the plans developed for the project need to comply with the provisions of the Compliant Development Approval. We will be able to tell you quickly and easily whether your new building project is eligible for CDC, but this fast track approval process has certain requirements for your development and alteration projects, the more common being the limits on the location and size of the property that we have just mentioned in our introduction to DA applications. in addition to this, the planning requirements are different from the local Council’s planning requirements for DA. However, small to medium-sized additions and alterations, or the construction of residential houses of two stories or less can be completed through this fast track application process.